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After the weekend, I decided to catch up on the news quickly via Twitter, and here's what I found out:

-First off, J watched his beloved Yankees play the Red Sox last night.  I'm not sure who won, nor do I care...But I do know that this game was really important because EsPN commercials told me so.  If you missed it, don't worry- the Sox and Yanks will play 112 more times this season, and each contest will be on one of the family of networks.

-Second, and very related- The Fox Sports 1 Network will have a show that competes with EsPN's College Gameday this fall.  I believe Erin Andrews will be on, which is a plus for me...and Kirk Herbstriet will not be on...which is also a plus. FS1 will begin broadcasting on August 17...for me, a UVerse subscriber, it'll take the place of the Speed network on my dial (sure, no one really has a dial anymore, but work with me) which is also good since I haven't watched Speed since IndyCar left the network.

I'm hoping FS1 can be like EsPN in the fact that they cover lots of sports...and be unlike EsPN in they way that they don't suck. If they try to be another EsPN, they'll probably do as well as the Fox's last attempt at competing with the mothership- the regional Fox networks that no one really cares about unless their favorite team is playing a weired non-con game.

Fox has been making all the right moves the last few years though by creating BTN, the Pac10 network and other conference affiliates.  I'm just ready for the limp-wristed folks at EsPN to get punched around a bit so people like Berman and Neil Everett never have to be on my TV again.

-People are talking about the Tour of France too.

-One of the biggest buzzes on Twitter is that aOSU RB, Carlos Hyde is a suspect in a battery case at a bar on Saturday night.  All that happened was a man punched a police officer's daughter in the face.  The Twitterverse is saying that Urban Meyer will probably be kicking Hyde off of the team in the coming days.  Hyde will be the starting RB this fall for the Buckeyes, if he's allowed to stay on the team.

Meyer has a great reputation for being a disciplinarian...oh wait...he doesn't.  In fact, he had more arrests at Florida in his last two seasons there than any other program in the country.  BUT, things are different in C'Bus...and if they're not disciplined at aOSU, they're nothing, right?

-There's also lots of talk about a royal baby.  I assume that George Brett is expecting a Grandson. If you're thinking about correcting me, you've landed on the wrong website.

-Finally, the Big 12 has changed its logo...sadly, the logo still has the roman numeral for 12 (XII for those of you in Bloomington) as its mark.  Still no word from the conference as of when they'll officially raid ConUSA to get two more teams...but it should be in the next year, one would think.

Conference expansion/re-allignment talk has quieted significantly...that makes me think that Delaney will soon be announcing another few teams to add to his super-conference. Who knows. One thing we all know is the Big 12 will surely have 12 teams when the dust settles...and the Big 10 will haver 16, of course.

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