Time to Get Hammered!

Coach Haze has coined the moniker of "The Furnace" for Ross-Ade.  The furnace referencing (of course) the area that heats up metal so it can be shaped, hammered (if you will) by an iron worker...or Boilermaker.

We weren't on board at first with this name, but we figure, why not? So now we're offering the officially unoffical Boiledsports.com gameday shirt that you can wear proudly wear to Ross-Ade (or on campus, or around your neighborhood), this fall.

They're being printed as I type, but if you want to get yours faster than everyone else, you can pre-order now for $18 (including shipping).  E-mail us at:

boiledsports at gmail.com (spaces added to keep bots from invading our e-mail box). We'll send you back a PayPal invoice in which you'll be able to pay.

Specify your size (S through XXL...YES, we have XXL this time [but in limited quantities] )...and the shirts are 100% pre-shrunk cotton, unisex sizing.

Check out the print proof for yourself:

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