What The Hell Is Going On at BS?

Resistance is futileWelcome, friends. You've landed at the new and improved Boiled Sports. Well, new anyway. The same schmucks still will be churning out substandard content relating to all things Purdue. Err, wait, I didn't mean that. Are we rolling? F it, we'll do it live.

For those of you who know us and visit often, thanks for doing that. And thanks for coming back yet again, during the dog days of summer when there is a veritable dearth of content to write about. For those of you who don't know us, you're also welcome to stay, but you have to sit in Coach.

The news of the day is that Boiled Sports has sold out. We and Bloguin danced around one another like cobras do over the past couple of years (for real, actually) and finally came to an agreement. I can't go into the money details of what Bloguin paid to bring us on board, but let's just say somebody's playing a few extra games of skiball this summer. (Ohhhh, yeeeeeaahhh.)

We intend to provide you with the same excellence (mediocrity?) you've come to expect (dread?) from Boiled Sports. But we felt for a while that our look and feel needed some work and that joining a blog network probably made sense. Once we got Bloguin's board of directors to agree that we had autonomy (with the exception of those racist jokes you know we love to tell), we were in. So watch out, H&R -- BS is part of a network now and we're coming for you. [insert Sharks/Jets snapping]

We're still working on a number of things here, as you'll see if you click around. In the meantime, please do check out the awesome roster of site at Bloguin and, of course, remember that we actually do read our email and welcome your comments and feedback. Sometimes.

Oh, and many of you long-time readers remember SBF. Well, we don't do that so much anymore, but in honor of you guys, what would an announcement post of BS changes be without a little throwback to those good ol' days?

Welcome aboard. This'll be fun.

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