A Few Post-Bucket Thoughts

A Few Post-Bucket Thoughts

I was blessed to be able to attend this afternoon's Bucket win with some of my pals. The atmosphere was reminiscent of the halcyon Tiller Days...when games meant something. It was simply fun...it was also loud at times.

Purdue's once-pitiful defense had control of the game for much of the contest, Joe Schopper completed yet another pass...this time he looked off a receiver, attempted to run, before dumping off to his third option. And we, as Purdue football fans, thought, "Yep, this is what we do...nowadays."

BS' Oaken Bucket 2017 coverage:

Garrett Hudson, son of Hazell's former DC, is a Boilermaker, in spite of his unusual career...and his early interception was a massive play that set a tone for the game. Purdue's receivers are now catching the ball almost every time it's thrown their way...and Markell Jones reminded us how much of a badass he really is...A lot of today showed how far this program has come in less than a year.

A few highlights from my seats in 119-

-High-fiving strangers time and again as Holt's defense controlled IU for much of the game

-High-fiving the same strangers as Jones, Anthrop, Mahoungou and even Zico did big things

-Watching a handful of dumbass IU bros leave earler after their efforts to taunt the Purdue faithful left them looking more dumb than their candy striped pants. I can remember at least two occasions that they were taunting section 119 about a TD...that wasn't a TD at all. The nimrod IU fan is a special brand of stupid. They taunt when they're losing and not in a position of strength...great form.

-Joining the Purdue faithful on Tiller Field at Ross-Ade Stadium following the recapturing of the bucket conjured up old memories, once again, of when Purdue football games had ramifications outside of the Purdue fanbase.


This was fun...and it feels like we're just getting started.

Depth is still a problem for our Boilers, and the program is just starting to develop a new culture...and as I hear Brohm's name being thrown around for every job opening in college football, I can't help but think that Bobinski, Burghoff and Daniels need to get Mr. Brohm's agent on the horn.

They  need to let him know in a hurry, with their words, that they love the progress that is just beginning...and then, let him know they have faith for what's coming by restructuring his contract. Brohm needs to be given a raise that puts him into the top third of the conference...and an extra year should be added onto his contract.

Make no mistake that the season we just watched is nothing short of amazing. Coach Brohm hasn't yet been able to do what he really wants to do with his Boilers...so he adapted to talent. He pounded the ground when he had to...even if he didn't like it. He leaned heavily on the defense while his offense wasn't able to move the ball...He has built a strong coaching staff that also needs to stick around as long as possible. And clearly, this team has begun to take on the personality of their fiery first year tough guy of a coach.

I'm excited about what's around the corner...which bowl these Boilers are going to and what our Coach is going to do as he grows this thing...But first, I'm hoping his boss lets him know how much this new beginning has been appreciated by the administration, the students and the fans.

We're just getting started.

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