Carsen Edwards Drafted in the 2nd Round by the Boston Celtics

Carsen Edwards Drafted in the 2nd Round by the Boston Celtics

Listen, I get it. Zion Williamson is amazing and absolutely deserved to go #1 overall in the 2019 NBA Draft. But then 32 players went ahead of the second most electrifying player in college basketball last season.

Carsen Edwards slipped out of the first round, past my beloved Indiana Pacers (who somehow traded exactly nothing to the Phoenix Suns in exchange for TJ Warren and three future 2nd round picks) all the way to the 33rd overall pick.

Here’s my blurb from Carsen’s NBA team fit post on the Boston Celtics:

Boston Celtics (Situation: 6, Need/Fit: -1), #14, #20, #22, #51

As much of an overnight success New Orleans has been, it’s been an overnight disaster for the Boston Celtics. The seeming loss of Kyrie Irving probably means they’ll target a free agent point guard (or bring back Terry Rozier, which, well, good luck with that). Al Horford, the heart of their locker room, has decided to bounce for greener pastures. And while a shooter alongside great defensive pieces in Marcus Smart and Jaylen Brown would be interesting, I’m just not sure at all what Boston’s roster will look like this fall. That being said, undersized scoring guards like Isaiah Thomas surrounded by young overachieving talent is a formula that thrives under Brad Stevens, so there’s your silver lining.

Even with the Celtics facing a sudden rebuild, I’m not sold on Carsen’s opportunity with the Celtics. That being said, the Isaiah Thomas comparisons under Brad Stevens will only get stronger as Boston faithful see more and more of our guy.

Speaking of Stevens, he and GM Danny Ainge picked the state of Indiana’s top two NBA prospects: Carsen and IU’s Romeo Langford now share a shade of green in the pros. Life is weird sometimes.

The actual pick traded hands four different times:

  1. In 2015, Cleveland traded it to New York as part of the trade that brought in JR Smith and Iman Shumpert (key cogs of the 2016 Cavs title).

  2. In 2015, the Knicks traded it to the Magic for Kyle O’Quinn.

  3. In 2019, the Magic traded it to the Sixers for Jonathon Simmons.

  4. On draft night 2019, Philly and Boston swapped picks and what could have been a wonderful fit for Carsen in Philadelphia now becomes a little more challenging in Boston.

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