Hey Mr. Irsay, it's time for major change.

Hey Mr. Irsay, it's time for major change.

Back when we only had a few hundred visitor per day, J and I would post about whatever we'd like- I'd write about the Colts semi-regularly and IndyCar quite often in the summer. Now, I feel like I need to almost apologize when I weigh in on something that's not Purdue related...well this article is kinda that way. Since EsPN just released a few sourced stories about Pagano and Grigson's futures within the Colts organization, I'm inspired to talk about my thoughts.

Before I wade any deeper into this, I'll expound upon my Colts allegiance a bit more. I'm a Colts fan...I root for Drew Brees for obvious reasons (handsome, family man, etc.), but really in the NFL, I have one team. BUT, the Colts don't ruin my week the way Purdue does. A Colts loss gives me a few minutes of down-in-the dumps feelings, but I regroup quickly from that and can move on. I love watching and rooting for them when things are good. So, I'm a fair weather fan, I guess. I never change allegiances, just care a bit less about the NFL when the Colts stink.

Here's what I know about the Colts over the last few years. They start slow and are forced to come back a lot. That could be Luck's issue or Pagano's...either way, it needs to change. Their defense has been suspect for the majority of the time Pagano's been in charge...much like it has been for decades. Sure, having large salary cap drains on the offensive side of the ball will do that, but it kind of stinks to watch teams on Saturday AND Sunday that can't stop anybody.

Lastly, the past few seasons have been an absolute joke for the Colts from a personnel standpoint. Expensive mis-steps like trading for Trent Richardson, signing Andre Johnson and impulse buys that led to nothing like the signing of Cribbs last season come to mind right away. At that same time the offensive line has been as neglected as Purdue's old South End Zone stands (that were demolished after being condemned). Much like those stands, there hasn't been much planning when it comes to the Colts roster it seems...and also like that blank space, the Colts seemed to make somewhat rash decisions with proverbial guns to their heads.

Purdue should have torn down the stands and filled in that end of the stadium when Tiller was winning 8 games/season...instead, Mr. Burke was set on an upper deck that never came about (and really never made sense). Similarly, the Colts should have planned on building an offensive line and a defensive front...but went after the quick fix of hiring a few names. For the record, a beer tent isn't the equivalent of Andre Johnson and Frank Gore...but my analogies only run so deep.

Ryan Grigson, the former Boilermaker, was part of the the committee that hired Darryl Hazell. Grigson was also the main decision-maker on the bone-headed signings and trades listed above. By the way, the Colts aren't snake-bitten this season- they have a poor scheme and lousy personnel, so quarterbacks feel forced to make plays and take a ton of hits behind a patchwork offensive line. Luck, Hasselbeck and most recently, Whitehurst, were all injured while trying to save their own lives. Can't blame any of those guys.

But you can and should blame Pagano and Grigson, if you're a Colts fan. But, to me, it seems obvious that more blame falls at the feet of the mountainous man who resembles mob muscle more than an executive.

This all started really when the Colts simply couldn't hire Bruce Arians a few seasons ago as Pagano recovered from and fought Leukemia. It was clear in that miracle season that Arians had coaching chops...but the Colts organization did the right thing and didn't demote or fire Pagano.

The past is the past, but since Arians' departure, his Cardinals have been dynamic and exciting, while the Colts have seemingly treaded water as an organization and have finally started to sink.

My hope is that one of Purdue's sons is no longer working with the Colts in the near future...and his people, whomever they may be, go with him. This isn't a vote of confidence for Pagano really, just a deflection of blame...that most of this wasn't his call; and it's obvious.

I know little about NFL management and personnel decision makers. BUT, an old pal of mine is absolutely thriving in an organization that kicks my Colts' collective ass all the time. If Mr. Irsay is searching for candidates or names that are a bit off the beaten path for the GM post, I actually have an idea- Dujuan Daniels.

Full disclosure- I'm extremely biased when it comes to my feelings on Daniels, the current National Scout for the New England Patriots. I grew up with him, was good friends with him when I lived in the Northeast, and he played for Boston College...he even attended my wedding...That said, his resume speaks for itself.

Whether it's Daniels or someone else, hopefully Irsay doesn't throw another dollar at Grigson in 2016 once this season is complete. I'm not sure my sanity can take another two or three win Purdue team and a sub-.500 Colts campaign.

Happy 2016

This might be the last post on BS of the 2015 year. If so, let me speak for the deep BS bench in a hearty wish of Happy 2016 to you and your family.

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