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Trustees get their guy: Mike Bobinski

Purdue probably listened to the groans of potentially hiring from inside the Athletic Department or from the good move there. They hired right in between - a safe-ish, uninspiring AD that wasn't as bad as some of the candidates and wasn't even close to many of the positive scenarios.

A Legacy of Less

2015-16 NACDA standings are out, and they tell us the same story we've heard every year under Morgan Burke: he delivers less than he promises. How much less? Dig in to find out.

In All Seriousness...Gotta Love Their Passion

Our expectations were pretty positive and pretty fair...and we were disappointed a few weeks ago. If you accept the ending of the season as 'okay', you're part of the problem that Purdue athletics are mired in. The days of a class that expected to go to the Sweet 16 each year seems like ancient history.

Time to Make Lemonade, Boilers

The guys that signed yesterday and the handful of early enrollees are officially Boilermakers. Here’s the thing- you and I might not be super impressed with the individual rankings of these kids or the fact that this class is the lowest-ranked recruiting class that I can remember as a Purdue fan…but if you’re like me, you’re a Boilermaker too…you have no fallback team in the autumn. This is your squad.