Fact Fondue - Middle Tennessee State

You like facts? I like facts. Boilerdowd, in his infinite wisdom, had given me the title of 'Associate Professor of BS' - this was somewhere between my 5 direct tweet comment about Oregon State football and my giant list of NBA draft facts (This is the third time we've had an NBA and an NFL first round pick in school history!).

Because of this, I'll chime in now and then with the Fact Fondue: a shotgun barrel full of facts that you can share around the water cooler or while talking to yourself over a luke warm tv dinner.

This week, we're melting down the Blue Raiders of Middle Tennesee State.

Come at me Bro

  • MTSU is from the Sunbelt conference, Purdue has never played a Sunbelt Opponent.
  • 0-4 against the Big 10
  • Opened the season against Minnesota last year at home and were handed a come from behind loss - which would remain Minnesota's only win until November.
  • Ranked 112/120 last year by M3, this is their second lowest rank - the lowest was the year they went D-1 ('99)
  • Went to the 2010 Go Daddy Bowl where they were handled by Miami (of Ohio).
  • Logan Kilgore will be their starter at QB; only played in 3 games for the Raiders
  • The team will have a radio show Monday night online about Purdue, their team's condition
  • This is the school's 100th year

And I'll include a recipe for a real fondue, if I must.

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