Getting Amped...BS prepares for football season

With media day just around the corner, we at BS are excited for the advent of football season. As we prepare, you can too by catching up a bit on some of The Handsome Hour's highlights from last season.

For those of you who haven't had the chance to partake in the weekly podcast, the Handsome Hour is the interwebnet's single-greatest information-bearing show. See for yourself:

Challenging Ron Zook to a prison-style fight

TMill from H & R tells J Money and Boilerdowd how Purdue nearly won a national title and change the trajectory of humankind during the 2009 season.

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We're excited about football season as the halls of the BS world headquarters begin to spring to life with the chatter of interns researching topics for J's posts...We hope you're looking forward to the fall as much as we are. The dry sports season is almost over.

Don't Mess With Nick (or Albert)

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