Don't Mess With Nick (or Albert)

62 is the new 99...and now, Mondek won't be punishing QBs, but protecting 'em.

Adam Rittenberg over at EsPN wrote a pretty nifty and quick article about ten BT football players who are impressive in the gym- Nick Mondek and Albert Evans both made the list. I met Evans in the spring and was impressed with his's to hoping his speed doesn't suffer too badly as he becomes an absolute run-stopping monster and starting safety that makes everybody, even tight ends, think twice about coming across the middle as the season progresses.

But, Nick Mondek really impressed me with his numbers. First off, we all know he's big, and linemen need to be strong, but his 6'5" frame is now hovering near 3 bills...and atop that, he's running a 4.82/40 and has a 31-flippin'-inch vertical leap.

Holy Moly. Not sure jumping is all that important on the offensive line, BUT, the numbers really show his athleticism and while pulling, his quick feet will make a big difference.

I'm positive I'm not the only one who's stoked to watch Mondek and Plue on the same line.

Evans was just getting comfortable as a defensive player in '09...his developing defensive mentality and corresponding physique can't be a bad thing.

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