Rumored: NBA Scouts Think JJ and Smooge Should Return to School

Take this for whatever it's worth (which is, not much, until May 8 comes and goes), but Like Winn of SI says he's talked to some NBA scouts and the word is that JaJuan Johnson and E'Twaun Moore should come back to West Lafiesta for their senior seasons.

"Multiple NBA scouts I spoke with said they expected both Johnson and Moore to return to school. Johnson is the only player with a real risk of leaving, but he, like Moore, isn't considered first-round material at present. The better option would be to stay in West Lafayette and hope for a stock boost with a strong 2010-11 tournament."

From your lips, Luke, from your lips....

Luke also talks about how Purdue is "due some positive karma fter its season was derailed by Robbie Hummel's ACL tear." I'm not much of a believer in that kind of karma (we're Purdue, after all -- believing in getting breaks and positive karma is only setting yourself up for sadness), but it's fun to think about. For a moment.

In the end, our position remains the same. If either or both of these guys think they can do right by their families by going pro, then they simply need to do it. However, if they decide the right move is to come back, we'll be beyond thrilled. Either way, though, they've made us proud and we love 'em.


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