EA: Mercy

Okay, certain members of the BS staff and extended family have had the good fortune of meeting the lovely Ms. Andrews in person before. And I'm sure members of our viewing audience have met her on various campuses and whatnot as well. And along the way, as we've been enraptured by her cuteness, there have been the occasional yo-yos who have suggested she's nothing special to look at.

Well, my mind has been blown after her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel. For those not connected to us via Facebook or Twitter, I thought I'd share these videos here.

Here's part 1 of Erin Andrews on Jimmy Kimmel Live:

And if that wasn't enough, she's got a hot sister, too.

Mercy. If you don't think she's hot after watching that, well, you're entitled to your opinion but... well, it'd be a wrong opinion.

That is all.

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