"Status Quo is not acceptable."

Coach Hope seems to be excited about the defense so far...but what do we really know right now.

Not much actually.

Hope has kept the information to a minimum as did his predecessor for camp. But here's what we know:

-Gabe Holmes is still awaiting the NCAA clearinghouse ruling...and hasn't seen the practice field yet. I felt like, in spite of his talent, Holmes might be a candidate for a redshirt this season...the longer this drags on, the greater the odds get. But, Colton McKey is still not practicing as he continues to recover from surgery at the end of last season.

-Antavian Edison is good...at least Coach Hope thinks so. Hope likes his speed a lot and in two-straight practices, Hope has taken notice of him. Perhaps we've found an early leader for the question of which Freshman will be a starter?

-On the other side of the ball, Josh Johnson has been noteworthy. His speed seems to be what's separating him as well.

-Jaycen Taylor might not be up to speed just yet. We're not hearing a whole bunch of positivity out of camp just yet about Taylor...if you're a fan of Taylor like I am, I'd suggest a bit of cautious optimism- I think it'll be a few games into the season until we see the JT that we've become accustomed to watching.

-It's hot...damned hot- and Coach Hope is allowing the guys to have a chance to get used to it. He's not pushing them too hard just yet in an effort to keep everyone practicing. His policy is that if anyone gets taken out of a practice early because of heat-related issues, they won't practice the next day...I think the idea of letting the players get their feet under them is pretty good with so many newcomers in the fold.

So we haven't heard a whole bunch yet, but how much can you learn as the players are just wearing shorts, Ts & helmets? We'll know much more as the week progresses...hopefully, we hear very little as injuries and abnormalities would probably be the only big stories until hitting begins.

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