The Big Ten Network is Kaput!! (and other notes)

Big Ten Network Athletic Excitement!!!

Alright, I just checked the BTN, and got to see a few vet. students at Purdue talking about their classes...earlier today, I got to see the opening ceremony of the Armstrong Building. And while I'm happy that Purdue, and every other BT school has a lot of smart people in each institution, this isn't what we signed up for.

Perhaps I missed the announcement, but maybe France Cordova and her counterparts have taken over the airwaves...or maybe the BTN is just playing a rotten joke on me since I just got a new TV. Whatever the case, the new BTN stinks.

I want my sports, yo.

Tiger, Tiger Woods, y'all
Tiger Woods is a good golfer. How good? Well, he wins over 20% of the tourneys he enters...and when he makes it to the final group on the fourth day of a tournament, he's even better. He has now won 56 of 67 final group pairings in which he's played.

He just seems to crush players, great players, mentally. And this week, Paddy Harrington was that guy.

Trouble in NY
If you visit here regularly, you know that I have luke-warm feelings for baseball. But, I like to see the Red Sox win. The good news for me, NFL pre-season footbal began earlier tonight...The bad news, the Sox look pretty awful right now and are flirting with not evening being in the driver's seat for the Wild Card. And, at the same time, the Yankees look like a team that's actually worth the massive payroll that they've been forking out for as long as I can well-spent, I guess...finally.

"Status Quo is not acceptable."

'09 Camp Underway