How The Draft Changes Teams

The next few weeks will be an interesting time as players waiver on their resolutions to stay in college or go to the NBA.

A few teams that might be greatly affected are aOSU and Syracuse. I believe both will be top-15 teams if Turner and Flynn (respectively) return. But, I don't know if either team will be "special" without these cogs to their offensive machines.

Kansas, another team with two potential NBA players, could be great if Aldrich and Collins both return...but without them, will be counting on their incoming recruits to do a whole lot...kind of like '08/'09.

UConn shouldn't be affected by the loss of Thabeet and potential loss of Robinson...With a gray clould of NCAA punishment and Calhoun's potential retirement looming, they will struggle next season as the media circus becomes more and more aggressive. The more I hear about UConn, the less I respect that program- from Robinson's academic inproprieties to recruiting violations, it's clear that Calhoun believed he was untouchable. We'll see if he was right in the coming months.

As JJ starts to try once again to bulk up and get ready for next season, we as Purdue fans should get ready to really soak up what might be a very fun season to watch. If things go as I believe they can next year, JJ will be in a crowd of Purdue players who will become very wealthy in the NBA draft of '10. I'm glad everybody's coming back.

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