Making The Best of Hurricane Ike -- A Short Play

SCENE: Galveston, TX, last Friday afternoon.

MAN: "Hmmm, let's see... where's my duck costume? Honey, where's my duck costume?"

WOMAN, OFF-CAMERA: "I think it's at the cleaners. Are we evacuating?"

MAN: "Yeah, yeah, give me a minute... how could you not have picked up my duck costume? Seriously, woman, what's your problem?"

WOMAN, OFF-CAMERA: "Why don't you wear your bear costume?"

MAN: "That's ridiculous. It makes no sense at all. Where's the humor in that? My goodness, woman, you don't know anything about comedy."

WOMAN, OFF-CAMERA: "Hey, honey, there's another news crew out there... looks like they're doing a live feed....probably going to be on the Houston news."

MAN: [sighs] "Well, the bear will have to do..."

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