Purdue Picks Up Another Floridian

Josh Johnson became the most recent HS Florida player to verbal to Danny Hope. Johnson has an offer from Vandy...

My gut says a 5'10" athlete w/ 4.4-4.5 speed is a good thing, but I think his lack of height must be keeping bigger schools from getting involved. Regardless, I'm glad he's coming to Purdue.

Hope now has 6 verbal commitments...all coming from somewhere other than Indiana and all, except one coming from the deep Southeastern US. Honestly, I don't give a damn about their star ratings as long as they fulfill a need and can play the game. Typically, with the right coaching a 2 or 3 star can look an awful lot like a 4 star athlete with the correct developmental program...it'll just take a season or two.

Speed seems to be something that Hope is actively seeking and since almost all of the players are from SEC country, Purdue should be playing for a national title within a season or two (sarcasm, in case you didn't detect it).

If we can get 5-10 more verbals in the next month and a half, I begin to feel a bit better about the incoming class.

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