New Orleans To Be Hit By Another Devastating Hurricane

Yeah, I'm sure I'm not the first one with that joke, but I am the most handsome.

For those who haven't heard yet, Jeremy Shockey -- reknown, overrated douchebag -- has been traded to the Saints for some ankle tape and a bucket of used athletic cups. Actually, no, the Giants got a couple of decent picks for him so that's a win-win, especially considering Kevin Boss proved to actually be a better tight end as a rookie than Shockey ever was.

Shockey never really fit into the Giants team atmosphere like everyone thought he might. The Giants, despite being a "New York" team, aren't as hatable as most NY squads and so Shockey's act did more to piss off the real football fans in the stadium. Sure, once or twice his helmet flew off from a collision and people were like, "Man, he's a gamer!" But mostly he just infuriated real Giants fans by doing things like dropping critical -- and easy to catch -- screen passes or elaborately signaling first down when the Giants were losing games. He definitely had the highest ratio of in-your-face moves to actual plays made in the league.

In the end, as a Giants fan, I'm really happy to have him gone because it means I don't have to root for him anymore. He's a Miami Hurricane, which means he's colossally arrogant and entitled to begin with and simply not capable of humility (witness the way he's acted since being proven wholly unnecessary to the Giants success -- the guy still acts like the team owes him something).

Sean Payton, the Saints head coach, was on the Giants staff under Fassel so he knows what he's getting. So maybe he'll know how to handle him. Or maybe Drew Brees will tattoo Shockey with a laser pass during mini-camps to show him he's not dealing with Eli anymore.

Regardless, good riddance jackass. We will not miss you.

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