The Next Tom Brady?

"Maytag Man" finally being called into action

Something unusual is going to happen in a few weeks when the Colts take the field for their first pre-season contests- A quarterback beside Peyton Manning will be starting. When I first heard about Manning's sack needing to be removed, I thought it sounded painful and serious...Turns out it's only a span of 4-6 weeks that he'll need to sit. So, he'll be back in time for the beginning of the season, if not a pre-season contest (or two). Or will he?

In practice, 18 looks to Sorgi for leadership

Perhaps this is just time to see a change; I mean Manning's numbers were obviously down last season...Jim Sorgi has shown over and over that he can play the game. Hell, he's thrown 152 less interceptions Manning during his career. It's obvious that the Colts offense needs to be more efficient...Much like young Tom Brady stepped in and took charge in the stead of injured Drew Bledsoe, maybe we're on the eve of a similar changing of the guard. Only time will tell.

Sorgi shows poise under fire that Manning never seems to display

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