Weekend Sports Notes (CMigrator copy 1)

Tiger Woods is a Good Golfer
I told you guys this a few weeks back, but maybe this will help you understand just how great Tiger Woods is at the gentleman's game:

The PGA, like many individual athlete sports leagues has rankings that roll over from year-to-year...And Woods wins a lot of tournaments (he's entered two and won two in '08). So, it's not a surprise that he's got a commanding lead on the rest of the golf world. But, the point gap between Tiger and Mickleson (#2) is the same as the gap between Mickleson and #1000in the PGA standings. Seriously.

It's estimated that Woods could take three years off from the game and would still be in the lead.

Mrs. Tiger Woods dominates the other PGA wives off the course as her husband does on the course

Good News...Finally.
My fellow BS writers don't really care at all for racing, let alone open wheel racing. I thoroughly enjoy the IRL and believe Indy is still the best race and racing venue in the world. For years, I've been pleading and begging for Champ Car to stop the charade and fold itself into IRL. Well it looks like it might happen in '08. If you're not a NASCAR guy, you know this can't happen soon-enough. Here's to the possiblity of the IRL returning to the national consciousness as it was before the split.

Super Mario

The State of Basketball in the State of Basketball
For the first time in a long time, when the AP poll comes out Monday morning four college basketball teams from the state of Indiana will be in the top-20.

Butler has been very good all year, IU has been standing around and watching Eric Jordan beat a whole bunch of teams all year, Notre Dame is suddenly a Big East contender, and a youthful Purdue team has grown up a season early.

It kind of reminds me of the days when Phelps, Knight and Keady were prowling the sidelines.

Purdue 72 - Wisconsin 67

How Good is Matt Painter?