Purdue 72 - Wisconsin 67

I would've gotten away with it too, if it hadn't been for those pesky Boilermakers.

Let's throw out some quick stats from the game tonight.

This is just the 7th time in 111 games that Wisconsin has lost at home in the Bo Ryan era.

ESPN poll voters not impressed. Vote Eric Gordon #1, rest of IU #2, and relegate Purdue to the NIT.

Robbie Hummel manned up to a career high 21 points on 8-12 shooting.

Wisconsin is awesome at shooting free throws apparently, going 30-33 in this game. The game would not have been close (and for much of it, it wasn't) had Purdue not shot a dismal 12-22 from the charity stripe.

Purdue controls it's own destiny in the Big 11. I can honestly say, before the season started, I don't think anyone would've predicted being able to say that at this point in the season.

Purdue shot 42% from behind the arc and Wisconsin shot 17%.

Purdue lead the game for the final 36:54 of the game. On the road. Is this the most impressive win of the season so far? Maybe, but I still think the first Wisconsin was more important, if only because of the confidence it gave the team.


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