Wise move for Moore; Great move for Purdue

No surprise to anyone, Smooge is coming back next year. E'Twaun came into the '09-'10 season the least-touted of the Big Three in pre-season media awards...but his competitive fire made him the leading scorer, one of the best defenders and the key cog of the offense all season as his consistency (until the end of the season) was one of the few strengths of the Purdue offense, game-in, game-out.

I like the chip on Moore's shoulder and the fact that when pushed, he pushes back harder. I think he feels he and his teammates have something to prove in the coming season. I think he'll make another big step forward in his game and will be a key, once-again, for another very entertaining, if not great, season in West Lafayette.

All-along, Smooge said the odds were pretty good that he'd return for his fourth season...can't wait to see what he does in the late fall.

No word yet on JJ...but the good news for the Purdue faithful is there's still no press conference scheduled.

Smooge to return...JJ's future still unclear- But the clock is ticking T-Minus five hours.
It sounds like JJ's leaning toward returning to God's country.

I'm going to go ahead and call it: JJ to Return

No, We Don't Know Anything Yet, Either