Fact Fondue - Rice University

And they wanted to change Pete?

Edited to include a few more awesome facts

  • Established in 1912 - the year the Titanic sank
  • Official Colors are Union Blue and Confederate Grey
  • Purdue is 1-0 against Conference USA ('01 defeated Cinci)
  • 1-2-0 against the Black and Gold. Their only victory? In 1934.
  • 5-16 against the Big 10; haven't beat a B1G team since 1997 (Northwestern)
  • Have a historic study area officially named the Weenie Loft..
  • Students are held to an honor code for exams - students take unproctored exams at home.
  • Rice football was mentioned by JFK in his Man to the Moon speech; He used Rice playing Texas annually as an example of something challenging and hard (That's what she said?)
  • Their Punter, Kyle Martins was an All American last year. We have something in common I see.
  • 5 Miles away from University of Houston 
  • Purdue Alumni Association is doing a breakfast club at the Coach's Pub this week
  • Rice has an official drinking event - The Beer Bike Rice
  • Sammy the Owl was ejected from a game in 2009 for bumping an official.
  • Rice has 14 astronauts 
  • Bob Greise won the 1974 Superbowl (VIII) at Rice Stadium
  • Rice uses the same field technology - FieldTurf - as Nebraska, Illinois, U of M, O$U

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