Final Shot: MSU Prediction

Our Boilers head north to East Lansing tomorrow. MSU will be the last ranked opponent Tiller will have to...errrrrrr...gets to face as the head coach of my alma mater's football team. In the last 18 similar contests, his team's lost all of them. So this is it...a monkey can be knocked off of the old guy's back with a victory, and Purdue's razor-thin Motor City Bowl hopes can stay alive...but is it going to happen? Here's what we think:

J Says:
If Painter starts, we lose in a listless fashion. If Siller starts, I think we lose in a more exciting fashion.

The only reason I hesitate picking MSU at all is that they MIGHT be a little bit of a paper tiger. Consider how poorly they played last weekend, despite their win. Wisky is just not good -- let's get that out of the way. MSU rushed for a whopping 25 yards and Hoyer had a sub-50% completion percentage. Will they do this against Purdue's jelly-donut defense? Probably not. But it's worth keeping in mind if you happen to be watching and see potential.

In the end, though, as much as I want to be optimistic again, Purdue football doesn't beat ranked teams anymore. Until they do, how could you possibly pick them? Especially on the road?
MSU: 24

Purdue: 16

Tim Says:
I think Siller is a little shaky in his first road start. The defense will continue to hemorrhage points. The weather is expected to be cold and rainy, which could hamper both offenses. I think they'll still put up some points though.

Purdue has won the last two times in East Lansing and needs to win out to go to bowling. On the other hand they've lost 386 times in a row to a team that is ranked, might be ranked, once upon a time was ranked, or some time in the distant future will be ranked. So...

Sparty - 31
Rowdy - 20

boilerdowd says:
I'm excited to see guys like Siller, Bolden, Holland and Kerrigan continually getting better and develop toward next season. But, the more I think about last week, I just think Michigan was just that bad and Purdue really is still the same team with just a much more dangerous quarterback. Thus, I don't know if a Tiller-coached team can beat a well-coached, talented squad like the Spartans.

I've watched MSU play a few times this year. And what stands out to me is the fact that nothing stands out too much (except Ringer, of course). They just keep on beating on you, offensively and defensively until you submit. While I've liked out the interior defensive linemen have handled the inside running game most of the year for Purdue's defense, I think they too will wear down as Ringer does what he does...Plus, MSU's rushing attack will keep Purdue off of the field as they have done to so many of their opponents this season.

I look for MSU to give up a lot of yards, but not a ton of points...I also think Sheets will have a good day with over 100 yards rushing and at least one touchdown. But, for Purdue to win, I think Siller is going to need another dominant performance and I'm not so sure he is ready yet to carry a team, week-in, week-out. That said, I'm looking forward to seeing him, I think Orton will have another big game as they seem to really be on the same page.

MSU 35
Purdue 22

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