Stephon Marbury Is Smart

Remember when you were in middle school and you'd say something you shouldn't have...Then you'd would spend days back-peddling out of the situation your mouth had put you in? Well, Marbury isn't a teenager, he's 30, but that didn't stop him from acting like one.

Stephon, on behalf of the staff of Boiled Sports, I want to say thanks. Thanks speaking up on Mike Vick's behalf, and then all but saying that statement didn't occur...Thanks for continuing to be delusional about your greatness and thanks for being the most recent in the parade of morons who back up Mr. Vick.

Some of the other notables include, but aren't limited to: Clinton Portis, Roy Jones Jr. (who compared himself as a fighter with one of Mr. Vick's dogs) and the NAACP.

You guys are all totally AWESOME!

The Original A-Train