I know, I know, I'm screwing up your sideboob-viewing routine this week by sharing the luscious goodness that is Sideboob Friday on Thursday instead. Well, the thing is, I'm off to Atlantic City tonight and am playing golf tomorrow so, really, you can either have your sideboobies today or not at all this week. Any complaints? That's what I thought.

We recently got a request from reader Doug to dedicate some space here to Mrs. Victoria Beckham. While I'm not as big a fan of ole Posh Spice, I always want to please the readers (no, not please them that way, you perv).

So away we go...

This first pic is one we featured here before, but maybe Doug wasn't reading then and it's worth revisiting. If last week is any indication, there will probably be complaints about this not being a "true" sideboob. I would argue anytime boobies are busting out enough that you can see the sides, then it qualifies. (On another note, only our readers would split hairs about the definition of "sideboobs.")

There can be no arguing with picture number 2 here. Miss Vicki seems to have let Little Vicki out to play inadvertantly. No complaints here.

Picture 3 is quite the outfit. Everything seems out of order, proportion-wise: Plaid skirt hiked way up, leather gloves up to her elbows, shirt open to her navel... the only thing(s) that look just right are her boobies. Well-played, Victoria, well-played indeed. But stop getting dressed in the dark.

Our final picture for this Posh Spice Edition of Sideboob Friday is this one, which looks like she was naked in a Boca Raton condo and had no choice but to use the teal drapes as a dress. My favorite part of this is probably the guy in the back whose face is wrought with concentration as he snaps a cameraphone picture to send to all his buddies: "Dudes! This is the back of Victoria Beckham's head!"

I shouldn't joke, though. It might be Doug.

Sideboob Friday is a production of Boiled Sports and runs every Friday in this space, except when J is gallavanting in seedy cities on Fridays. In those cases, it might run on Thursdays... or Saturdays... or not at all. If you have a request, submission or epiphany that you'd like to share with us, please do so at

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