Friday Miscellaneous

Bunch of items to touch on. (Man, with Twitter, Facebook, the Handsome Hour and our site, you'd think we'd run out of shizz to talk about.)

Photo Captions

Thanks to our readers because you guys never cease to make me laugh. My personal favorite photo caption suggestions include...

-- Photo A: The Groundhog Day "Bing!" quote (MattDSM)

-- Photo B: "I sit there at the end of the bench. Yes, the very end. I'm even in the program. Last page, next to the ad for Brunos." (Plang)

-- The Dwight Schrute chandelier rant (Chris)

-- Photo A: "One! Two! Three! Forehead!..." (Ross McLochness)

-- Photo B: MW: "CK's manhood is this big." CK: "Around." (Shawn)

-- Photo B: So I says, "Rectum? Damn near killed'em."(finntastica)

But, seriously, I always love it when everyone plays these games.

The BS Tourney Challenge Extravaganza

Yeah, it needs a better name. So far it looks like we've got 59 in the cage match thus far. Last year we had 500, but only because stupid Yahoo limited us to that many. I hope we blow way past that number this year. (We should all put $2 in, winner take all. I mean, you know, if gambling were legal.)

Join the challenge. Beat us. Senselessly.

Our "Friends" at Eleven Warriors

I used to think these clowns were okay guys. Then they became antagonistic via Twitter for no apparent reason. We get it -- we lost Rob and now we're not as good. But to be gleeful about a young athlete with a serious injury is just kind of....obnoxious. As we said at the time, we did NOT enjoy seeing Evan Turner take that scary fall and we were actually glad he was able to return with no ill effects. Nobody wants to see that kind of thing happen, even to an opponent. At least nobody should want to see that.

I hope OSU does get a #1 seed with 8 losses (if they lose in the BTT) and then becomes the first 1 to lose to a 16. Sure, it would make people mock the Big Ten mercilessly, but right now I think it would be delicious. Though the more I think about it, whose face would we rub it in? It's hard to locate enough OSU fans to fill their arena. Maybe for every fan we mock, we'd get to mock another one for free. (See what I did there?)

Takin' Care of Bidness

Tomorrow is the last regular-season game of the year, at Penn State. PSU has played much better of late -- just in time to give the Boilers trouble. Purdue struggles in that gym for some reason (maybe it's all the echoing), but a rather large contingent from the Paint Crew will be on hand so I hope we can hear them over the lion roar (do they pipe that effeminate lion into Bryce Jordan like they do Beaver Stadium?).

Regardless, our Boilers must win tomorrow. It gets them a share of the regular season Big Ten title, after being 2-3 when MSU was 5-0. It gets them a 2-seed in the BTT...and it probably gets them a 2-seed in the NCAA tournament. Purdue, even without Rob, has far more talent -- and motive -- to win tomorrow. Losing this game would be inexcusable.

Look for Matty to continue tweaking things to figure out how this team is best suited to function in life after Rob.

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