Get Up and Shout Now

For your viewing pleasure, and that of co-editor boilerdowd, below is a video I took this weekend at the Purdue-Iowa game. B-dowd and his brother were out in the john when this went on so they missed it, and I know how disappointed they truly were at that.

Okay, so it's a rip-off of sorts and it's kind of a questionable choice of songs (I think I heard boilerdowd suggesting "Move This" by Technotronic, or perhaps a rendition of "I Know What Boys Like"), but hey, at least it's something the student section seems to really get into. While some may not particuarly like it, it's not so hard (for me, at least) to think back to my early years at Purdue and to remember how terribly the student section was with regard to spirit or cohesiveness or, well, anything... anything besides throwing full plastic cups of soda after touchdowns (which might as well have been mortar shells when they traveled 20 rows and hit you in the temple).

Still, if you aren't a fan, so be it. But at least it's something, and that's a good start. I'm much more bothered by the fact that the wave is done at Purdue games than by "Shout."

Shout! (it stinks!)

Post-implosion dissection