Good Friday Gumbo

We have entered a time of year that's a bit difficult for me to deal with- my personal sports desert. Conversely, J and Tim love this time of year as they are fans of beisbol...and while I grew up on the diamonds, I was never much a fan of watching it as my attention span is no where near long enough to watch an entire regular-season baseball game.

But for those of you out there who are baseball fans, congrats, your wait is over- the longest, most-drawn out major sports season is upon us- enjoy! Savor the 7,000 regular season games that each team plays. Unlike American tackle football, in which you always end the season wanting more, if you're a fan...with baseball, every bit of your craving will be satisfied, and then some as you watch players half-ass their way through the slug-fest that is the MLB season.

And if you're a Cubs fan, all apologies to you in advance...not because your team's a loveable loser, but because you have to hang around other Cubs fans (zing!!).

I kid because I love you guys, remember that.

There are a couple of things this time of year that bring me great glee. The Masters is underway, and Chad Campbell has started off today as he ended yesterday. He's -2 this morning and -9 overall...with a three-stroke lead. Obviously, if he stays hot, he's going to win going away, but the amount of talent in his rear-view mirror might overwhelm him at one time or another in the next two days- Fuyrk, Perry, Cabrera, Weir, Cink and even Lary Mize are all in the top-20...and of course, Eldrick is in the conversation...and he'll hang around. If you watched yesterday, there was a three-hole span in which Tiger was playing like Tiger. He'll put together a five or six hole span today, and more than likely will be in the top- ten by Saturday morning. That's gotta be disconcerting- when a pro does everything right and is playing out of his mind, and this guy's just there...hasn't played his best golf, but you know a run's coming. That's when guys crack.

And speaking of crack, I watched some NBA basketball last night- haven't done that all season...and after watching, I remember why I don't watch. Somehow, NBA basketball moves slower than MLB baseball. I have no idea how they do that.

Spring Practice
Not a ton of note out of West Lafayette for Spring practice...Ken Plue is lighter, but still looks to be a monster. Keith Smith has also shed some weight since last season...and Hope thougth he was kinda pudgy last year. And Higgs and Beckford are both in position to be significant contributors in '09...and Beckford definitely passes the eyeball test as he looks like a BT linebacker right now.

The most note-worthy news out of West Lafayette this spring, other than Siller's forced-departure of course, is that another former blue-chip quarterback is talkinga bout looking at Purdue as a possible place to land...This quarterback is Robert Marve, TMill's University of Miami pal. Marve intended on going to 'Bama, then after a coaching change, headed to Miami, started there after a redshirt year, pissed off his coach and now is heading elsewhere.

I'm not sure if I can give him the nod on whether I want him in the black and gold, but Danny Hope wants to see him on campus, and will this weekend for a visit. A schollie has been offered.

Spring practice comes to a close on the 18th at the end of the final scrimmage, which is open to the public...the event begins at 1:00.

Sad State of things
Just a quick note about me being a moron- I wrongly lumped SI in with EsPN the other day after I read a half-arsed article on their website. Let it beknownst, Luke Winn and a couple other people at the magazine are good at their jobs. And, we're on a mailing list by the magazine that gives us the heads up on some interesting stuff they publish.

If you have 10-15 minutes, here's another article from SI that you should probably read.

You've probably figured this out if you visit regularly, that I'm a purist and idealist when it comes to amateur sports. I know there's a lot of corruption in recruiting and even merchandising and that has woven itself into the fiber of amateur sports, but I love to see young athletes playing a game because they love it. I also love to see student athletes who are also good kids and do things correctly...AAU basketball has done a whole lot to bastardize high school and collegiate basketball, and shoe companies, crooked college coaches, agents and TV have all gotten their grubby hands into this grimy side of the non-pay game.

The article above takes what you knew to another level as these corrupt adults are using every inch of the rules to make themselves money at the expense of these expendible commodities that many of us see as kids.

As Gene Keady used to say angrily, "Kids need Dads..." And he was right, and there are many snakes in the grass of high school basketball dressed as caring individuals that have nothing but their own interest in mind. It stinks to see more and more of it...

Not sure I'll post again in the next few days, so if I don't-
Happy Easter weekend to everyone and their families!

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