Purdue Steps On Balls (tate)

Rob had another nice performance with 19 and 9 as the Boilers rolled over Ball State by 20, 69-49, in the John Wooden Classic.

This is what was supposed to happen today and yet it still is nice to see it happen. The Boilermakers continue to be focused and prepared every game and have now moved to 10-0.

JJ had 16 and Smooge pitched in with 12, but the Purdue shooting was lackluster to say the least. If you're looking for things to be concerned about, Purdue shot a hideous 17% from long range (Ball State shot a sizzling 100% from beyond the arc on 1-of-1 shooting). In addition, the Boilers only got 11 points off the bench. Probably an anomaly, but we're going to need to see more than that in tighter games. That said, the starters staying out of foul trouble helps keep the bench guys on the bench. And once again, Keaton Grant was pedestrian, at best. We're still behind you, KG.

As I said, this is what was supposed to happen, and as I've said before, it's easy to hide a mediocre shooting day when you hold the other team to a low output -- under 50 points in this case.

Next up, SIU-Edwardsville, a team the Boilers should rout with ease.

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