Carl Landry Is A Boilermaker; Boilermakers Are Tough

We try to keep up with former Boilermakers here and since this happened in an NBA game Friday night, you might not even know about it. However, Dirk Nowitzki drove on Carl Landry and Dirk's elbow smashed into Carl's mouth, which "left Landry with five cracked or completely knocked-out teeth." Guess which player was grimacing in pain on the floor afterwards? Hint: it wasn't a Boilermaker.

Yes, that's right, Carl Landry simply walked towards the bench with his mouth closed tightly, clearly hoping to keep whatever remaining teeth he had (as well as a likely flow of blood) contained in his maw. He simply points to himself in the below video saying, "Yeah, me, I need to come out."

Alas, poor Dirk -- he missed the rest of Friday's game (and didn't play Sunday) after Mavs trainers needed a half hour to "remove pieces of two teeth embedded in [his] elbow." Yikes.

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