Media Day Notes (CMigrator copy 1)

I'm beginning to exhale...feel comfortable...the light at the end of my tunnel is shining brightly in my eyes: The Big Ten's Media Day is upon us.

Jim Delaney just left the mic and had quite a bit to say:
-The expansion of the conference is not necessarily over, but it sounds like he and the rest of the league are pleased with the expansion of just one school, at least at this point and with college sports the way they are today.
-He and a committee will look at where the football conference championship game will be, this coming spring.
-The conference divisions for the 2011 season will be decided in the next month to month and one-half.
-He really likes Nebraska's addition to the league and didn't mention any specific schools as possibility for further expansion. Me thinks the league will stay a 12-team conference unless another conference has a big change (regardless of when that occurs).

A few thoughts from/about Hope:
-He mentioned academic success of the team academically to start...the team is nearing his goal of an average 3.0 GPA...they're at 2.9
-He loves the leadership of Smith, Kerrigan and Marve...that's why he brought them to Chicago for media day.
-Hope stressed the importance of not turning the ball over...on multiple occasions. That's a good thing because I think everyone who watched Purdue understood how important Purdue's problems hanging onto the ball really were.
-Hope likes ATM, Carlos and Dierking at RB...and still sees a possibility of Bolden returning this season. I'd rather see him at 100% in '11 than 75% in '10, myself.
-He's really high on Robert Marve and says his teammates are as well. He loves his athleticism and thinks he has one of the best arms he's been around as a college coach...he's been around a lot of college QBs.
-He really likes Siller and thinks he'll be a large asset for the squad.

Other notes:
-Rich Rodriguez looked/acted drunk
-Brewster thinks Minny's stadium is the greatest single structure ever to be erected by human hands
-Paterno is 83...looks it, acts like it...still funny. PSU's schedule is stupid-hard.
-IU's is just as easy as PSU's is hard...can Lynch squeeze 6 wins out of a 7-win schedule?
-Many coaches reminded me of my Dad as they talked of technology (Twitter, texting, Facebook)...they should all call the Forehead, he can give them some pointers.
-Dantonio looked pissed for much of his time behind the podium...I like that dude.
-Tressel was pretty boring...his team won't be.
-Zook compared his team's attitude and mental state to that of the team that won the BT title a few years back...problem is, Mendenhall isn't on the team this season.

Just in case you're still jonesin' for more...
Scout has their Purdue preview up...pretty solid. This sums it up well:
"This will be a maddeningly-inconsistent team."

Oh Billy, you so silly...keep up the good work.

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