Purdue Makes Another Top Ten List In An Important Category

Continuing on the theme of Boilerdowd's earlier post about Purdue making a number of critical lists, a tip o' the cap to reader Brendan for his quality list of "America's Top Ten Drunk College Foods."

Checking in at number 8 on the list is the "Duane Pervis All-American" from everybody's favorite weird-o West Lafayette eatery, Triple XXX. Also, is it "Triple X"? Or is it really Sextuple X? Ponder that brainbender for a while. (This is what you get when Purdue athletics are on hiatus -- food and baseball... which really isn't so bad, I guess.)

Interestingly, I've actually had number 9 on this list as well, the "Fat Darrell" from "R U Hungry" on the campus of Rutgers University. Many a trip to or from Atlantic City has included a detour to this favorite of Rutgers alums, many of whom I know thanks to my Jersey heritage. There are actually many "Fat" sandwiches, and most of them are just an amalgamation (look it up) of some of the most awesome foods fat people like me have ever encountered -- fries, burgers, mozz sticks, chicken fingers, etc... all dumped onto a hoagie roll and served as sort of a sandwich. I know a lot of guys who ate two or three of these things a week in college (what couldn't we eat in college?) but now, in our 30s, when you eat one, you can almost feel your heart gagging. Sorry, heart.

Getting back to Purdue foods, I always enjoyed going to La Bamba's after a night of drinking. In fact, I think I had a regular, sober lunch there once and it was really weird to be in there without dozens of drunks. I also remember thinking that La Bamaba's (burritos as big as your head!) had to be the place whose food was thrown up the most. Right? Regardless, I always ordered the steak torta with cheese... chopped steak on a grilled bun with cheese melted into it.

Any other favorites?

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