What a great view!

The NCAA tournament is experimenting with a new-look configuration during the regionals in Detroit and Houston, putting the court on the 50-yard line of football stadiums instead of tucked toward one end.

The hardwood will be 27 inches off the ground and some players acknowledged some trepidation.

"It really opens up the whole stadium and makes it so much better for the fans," said Laing Kennedy, Kent State athletic director and a member of the NCAA Division I Basketball Committee. "Having the court elevated like that just makes for a terrific view from the upper level."

Yeah. Let me tell you, it really makes it just great when sitting in the upper deck. It almost feels like I can reach out and touch them. Wow. Two freaking feet? Are you kidding me? Two feet is supposed to make it "a terrific view?"

How about this for a terrific view... a basketball arena. How about them apples? Play basketball in a basketball arena. I understand that you won't get your precious 800,000 people in one stadium then though. Here's a novel idea... play a game at the bottom of the Grand Canyon and line the canyon walls with seats. Tons of people could watch the game then. Also, you could charge 20 bazillion dollars per seat. You're rich, bitch!


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