Purdue vs. Minny Tonight -- The Return of Matty Painter

Tonight the #18 Boilermakers head into the Barn to take on the #20 Gophers. Being in the Central Time Zone, this game will come on at 6 PM for me and I will just be leaving the office most likely. So I am DVR-ing the game so I can watch it later in about 45 minutes. Less, if we're getting blown out or something. Judging by recent games, you only need to watch about 15 minutes of the Boilermakers... it's just which 15 minutes will they play like they're capable of playing? The first 15? The last? Who knows?

I'm not sure whether to be pleased or annoyed that Bob Knight and Brent Musburger are doing the game. At least we'll get to hear Coach Painter referred to as "Matty," again, something the Boiled Sports family loves.

They're even calling it "Thursday Knight Basketball." How fricking clever. Much as it pains me to admit it, though, Knight is improving as an analyst and seems far less angry than usual. Maybe this is the right place for him, rather than on the sidelines. Take a look at the preview he did with Musburger. Sure, it's still meandering and kind of general (and references UK vs. IU ten years ago -- like, who cares, dude?), but it's also interesting and Knight, as I said, seems relaxed and less obnoxious. Although there was this exchange:

Brent: Is it going to be hard for you to say nice things about Purdue?

Knight: Nah, Matt Painter is a good kid.

Yes, that's very respectful. Heh.

Obviously, it's important for the Boilers to come out of the gate strong. I think they're the better team here but this is a road game against a team that's constantly improving under Tubby. Sure, they lost to Northwestern but so did Michigan State -- and the Boilers truly should have lost that game, too. But you don't come here for my analysis and obvious observations.

The Boilermakers can move to within one game of first in the Big Ten with a win tonight. One step at a time, boys.

Boiler Up!

one down, four to go

Thanks, Wildcats!