Snakeoil Salesman does his job...and other notes

Rich Rod weighing in on the Reckman situation

Rich Rodriguez decided to act like a second-grader and brought up Purdue's Zach Reckman to the media following Reckman's cheap hit at the end of the NIU game. Of course, Purdue doesn't play UM this week, so Rodriguez should have kept his damned mouth shut on this issue, but then again, he is Rich Rodriguez...he doesn't know how to do that.

Rodriguez got his wish as Reckman was suspended for a game...But unlike RichRod, Hope doesn't discipline his guys by making them practice three times as long than the typical NCAA player. Do you think the Snakeoil Salesman will still be crying to Delany this week because the punishment wasn't long enough? What other Purdue evil-doing will Rodriguez bring up to the league and the media? Jackass.

I think if I was Coach Hope, I'd make sure to mention all of the wrong-doings by Rodriguez and co. until punishment is handed down...Which probably won't ever happen because UM is one of the NCAA's cash cows.

Other notes
-King will be back against UND...hopefully he has been working on tackling during the weeks he was injured. Much like Pender and the rest of the defensive backfield, none have tackled all that well this season and all will be tested often on Saturday.

-Valentin will be returning punts against UND. Obviously he's the best punt returner with a ball in his hands...hopefully he'll have a firm grasp on the pigskin come Saturday (if UND has to punt).

is excited to coach his first game v. UND...doesn't see it as a "measuring stick" for the program as did Tiller...but sees the game important to the program as a whole. He also sees the primetime game as an opportunity to have a good time...for the players, coaches and fans.

-Players all seem pretty positive in the interviews I've watched, listened to and read this week so far...Hopefully Thursday and Friday aren't crappy like last week.

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