More On-The-Scene BS Reporting Coming Soon

In our ongoing quest to eventually have a restraining order put against us by Drew Brees, I'll be traveling to New Orleans next weekend to take in the Saints-Jets game and attempt to determine if Drew Brees is indeed the dreamiest and most talented quarterback in the NFL today.

I actually went last year, too, in December, but I never filed a report. The primary reason? I'm a lazy slug.

But Drew -- despite allowing interesting photographs to be taken (such as the one in this post and this one) -- really is quite possibly the best quarterback in the game today. How incredible is that? This is a guy who blew out his knee in high school and wasn't recruited much at all in his home state of Texas. He's a guy who Joe Tiller actually tried to recruit when he was still at Wyoming!

He wound up being our hero and he actually managed to get Purdue fans to believe. Anything was possible with Drew at the helm. Even a four interception game. The fun thing about Drew was that throwing four INTs didn't even necessarily mean our Boilers were going to lose. Only win more dramatically.

And when you think about it, he's also lifted the fan base of the previously mediocre Chargers, as well as the previously horrible Saints. The Saints are legit now. Mainly because of Mr. Brees.

So look for a full report after next weekend. Maybe. If I feel up to it. And can remember things.

Oh, and I hope I don't encounter the spelling bee champ below.

Chaz Weis

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