Atavian Edison Gun Arrest Details

As you've heard by now (perhaps from us if you are a Twitter user -- and if you are a Twitter user and are NOT following us, what are you waiting for?), Purdue wideout Antavian Edison was arrested on a gun charge over the weekend in Fort Myers, Florida. The USA Today story is here but I will lay out some of the key points here.

Edison was riding with his uncle in a Lincoln (Antavian was driving) and he ran a stop sign. That's never a good idea, for lots of reasons, but it's even dumber when you have a weapon and ammo illegally in the car with you. The police pinched him and found "...a silver "Pink Lady" .38 Special revolver lying between the driver and front passenger, loaded with five rounds of ammunition."

I'd almost be more embarrassed that my bad-ass gun charge involves the words "pink lady" to describe the gun. A .38 is not something to sneer at, of course. [NOTE: Updated to acknowledge the Pink Lady only holds five bullets. Sorry, I'm just not used to lady guns like some of you boys are.]

The concealed weapons charge is a felony in Florida, which is a big deal, too. This isn't a misdemeanor marijuana charge, you know? Felonies have teeth.

Antavian's uncle -- who is just 23 -- has a rap sheet, too, including a robbery rap in 2005 (when he was 16, I guess?), which means his charge is possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. I would imagine this all but guarantees that Uncle Devon will be seeing the inside of the clink, but those will law degrees are welcome to chime in here.

In typical Purdue athletic department prowess with the media, the school said they would not be commenting at this time. I know it's not the NY press, for example, but this situation should probably be commented on soon. If it has been officially commented on and I just haven't seen it yet, please let me know.

And finally in the story, the principal of Antavian's high school spoke highly of Antavian and said he was always "low-key" and "respectful." He also said he's "sure there's more to" the story, too. That's certainly possible, but illegally possessing a revolver and having it between the seats of your car while you're violating traffic laws is something people tend to judge, and rightfully so.

We'll keep you posted if we learn anything more.

You can find Antavian on Twitter at @EliteBreeze13.

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