NBA: Fix the Problem

Admittedly, when college basketball is on I watch college basketball, no matter if it be Indiana vs Purdue, or Duke vs Saint Mary's of the Woods, but why? Maybe it's my love for college basketball, but it also has to do with the sick feeling in my stomach when I watch guys walking up a basketball court in the regular season.

If I want to watch a bunch of guys walking I'll turn on golf, but I'm not here to criticize the in-game interviews, the constant playing of loud music instead of actual fan-fare or even the egos that are the driving force of the league. I'm here to offer a solution to solve the problem.

In my opinion, the NFL is the only league that has it right in terms of the regular season. With only 16 games, every game matters someway or another. It's exciting to watch and the effort is usually there, and the NBA would be no different.

Cutting the regular season to just 30 games would make the league a lot more exciting, and cause passion to once again defeat ego. The product would be better, guys would be more energized and people would actually watch almost every one of their teams games. Playing hard would be a must, or else someone else is going to beat you with effort. To me that's what makes college basketball so great. A team of nobodies, can beat the best team in the nation, because of effort.

In a season that is over 70 games it's difficult to give 100 percent every night especially defensively, but with a shorter schedule and season, guys would be forced to play harder or suffer defeat by effort rather than talent. Sure talent would have an advantage, but as seen every season in college hoops, talent isn't everything, you've got to have drive, and that's what the NBA is missing.

So shorten the season so it's effort is once again a must in a league that has recently turned into the biggest joke in professional sports, other than Lebron's fourth quarter heroics.

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