Did he earn the right to do this too?

"I feel comfortable in Wrangler...I'd feel comfortable in Minneapolis."

All of the clowns out there who have been telling me for weeks or months that Brett Favre has the RIGHT to be a spineless yo-yo and hold the Packers hostage were wrong and are wrong. But even you buffoons don't think Ms. Favre's most recent antics are warranted...do you?

I guess he did win a Super Bowl and played two days after his Dad died...and he did get addicted to prescription drugs before bravely beating his self-inflicted addiction...he also is a gun-slinger...and threw a lot of TDs (and interceptions off of his back foot)...So I guess you're right- Dumb guys do dumb things.

This was dumb.

The drama queen of Mississippi decided to break a myriad of NFL rules and got himself into a dialog with the hated Vikings...all on the Packers' nickel. Well, I would guess the fifty-or-so fans that rallied for him last week are probably off the bandwagon. Hell, maybe even EspN and Madden will admit Favre (gasp) actually made a mistake...maybe not.

Regardless of whom is willing to admit it, Favre has now officially ruined his legacy.

Eh der, how you feel about your boy now?

Sometimes Holdouts Aren't Completely Ridiculous

Atta boy, Rick!