Sometimes Holdouts Aren't Completely Ridiculous

NFL training camps are opening up all around this great land and so there will probably be a bit of NFL posting trickling into these parts... I mean, what with the Boiled Sports success mesching going on around here ('dowd's Colts winning the Super Bowl in our first year, then my Giants winning it in our second... we fully expect Tim's Browns to take the title this year).

But I had to comment on Devin Hester currently holding out on the Chicago Bears, wanting a better deal. And for once, I can't blame the player in a holdout situation.

Hester is by far the most feared returner in the NFL -- maybe in history. He also led the team in offensive TDs last season, too. And he sees guys like Brian Urlacher demanding new contracts -- despite being in the midst of a $56 million deal -- and, well, he wants to get paid.

Devin Hester is slated to make $455,000 this year. Do you realize that there are likely many Bears season ticketholders who make more than him? That if Hester was just a fan, he couldn't afford the seats that people sit in to watch him?

Now, no, I'm not suggesting any of us cry for someone making almost half a million bucks a year to play a game. But let's just remember it's a brutal game that is often shown to shorten life expectancy and, oh yeah, the Bears are making millions off of guys like Hester. So he should get his cut, too.

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Did he earn the right to do this too?