Everybody Likes Fast Girls

I meant to comment about this back when it happened so bad on me for not doing it. But a few weeks ago, Ashley Force made history -- and defeated her pops -- in a NHRA funny car race. And goodness, she's smoking.

Danica Patrick also won a race finally and thus sheds some of the baloney criticism she had been taking.

What's the point? I don't know. But I will say that female race car drivers seem to be the hottest athletes out there. Sure, there are hot golfers and hot tennis players, but nearly every female driver making news appears to be attractive.

What held them back to this point? Sexist men? Or one of the following?

-Inability to merge?

-Frequent stops for directions?

-Having to pull over to pee?

-Swerving to avoid killing a squirrel?

We're so poor...

Oh, Eli, Why Do You Do Things Like This?