We're so poor...

So the NFL, the cash cow of all sports leagues, claims that every owner is losing money.

Sure they are.

They're losing money because they're only getting $21.4 Billion per year in TV contracts. That means each of the 32 owners only gets $668,750,000. From TV alone. Before they sell a ticket, or a hot dog, or a t-shirt. How can they feed their kids?

If the owners can manage to lose money when their payrolls are about $100 million and they're getting almost 7 times that amount just from TV, then something tells me they're really bad business men. Or they're lying. *GASP* The NFL? Lie? Sacrilegious! Everyone loves the NFL. They'd never do anything to hurt us. I can sleep soundly at night knowing that the NFL is protecting my house from burglars.

Give me a break. The NFL is full of crap and if the owners want to kill their golden goose then I can only hope that no one ever watches a game again.

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