Purdue Football (and other notes)

I had the opportunity of hearing a recent interview with Purdue linebacker, Stanford Keglar. Like much of the Purdue football family, Stanford is confident that our Boilers defense will be much stronger than last year (Please note, Purdue was 114th in the nation in total defense in '06). I honestly think they'd have to dress the cheerleaders to be worse...but I digress.

During the interview, the senior LB told the reporter that Purdue could be a top-5 defense...in the country! OK, OK, I'm a Purdue guy, I'm an optimist, but that's crazy talk...Even from a guy with an obvious bias. For you IU guys, Keglar's prediction would be an improvement of 109 teams in total defense. Hell, if they'd get into the top 50 in total defense, I would have to believe they'll be ranked at the end of the season with the offensive firepower that's in the arsenal...but I guess that's why they play the game.

He Must Work Out

In the recent ESPN Gameday spot, Fowler, Herbstreit & Howard are working out while Corso is kicking it old school in the gym. I'm not the most fit guy, but I do know that Fowler must take his lifting verrrrrry seriously. If you look at the video, you'll see Gameday's lead anchor putting up over 500 lbs...On the bench! Well, I guess you have to be a gym rat to snag Bodyshaping's Jennifer Dempster (below).

Mr. Kemp, meet Mr. Henry, Mr. Henry, meet Mr. Kemp

Happy Days Are Here Again