Mr. Kemp, meet Mr. Henry, Mr. Henry, meet Mr. Kemp

I have always been a bit of a fan of former Buffalo Bill & Tennessee Titan & current Denver Bronco RB, Travis Henry. He seemed to me like a lunch pail guy who did his job, worked hard and was a pretty darned good back. I didn't know much about him personally...I do now.

Henry, who is extremely fertile, is the father to nine children...from nine DIFFERENT women! The 28 year old back signed a $22.5 million contract with the Broncos...and it's a damned good thing. A judge told Henry that he needs to provide $3,000/mo. and a $250,000 trust fund for just one of his kids.

To paraphrase Patrick Ewing, Professional athletes may make a lot of money, but they pay a lot in child support as well.

At one point, according to one of his team mates, Henry had to ask a fellow Tennessee Titan to float him a few bucks to help pay for one of his babies and baby-mommas. The good news for Henry, is that he's always got his own cheering section.

Bad news for Shawn Kemp, as now, he's got company atop the Daddy-by-relation-only board...and I'd bet Mr. Henry isn't done yet. Go for the baker's dozen, Travis!

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