Here we go again... (CMigrator copy 1)

In what has become terribly predictable, two Purdue football players were involved in just, flat-out rotten incidents last night. Now, evidence points to both of them starting in the same place.

Selwyn Lymon was stabbed in the upper chest at 2:30am outside of Nick's Nightclub & Poolhall, and Torri Williams was also involved in the altercation that led to the stabbing. According to various accounts, a fight that included about 30 people actually closed the bar...then it poured into the parking lot where it heated up again. That's when Lymon was stabbed. Williams was later pulled over and arrested on suspicion of OWI...his second alcohol-related arrest in the last year.

Lymon was in critical, but stable condition until late this morning...Since then, he's improved to Serious, but stable condition. I hope the guy pulls through. Every time I've been poked by a steak knife it's hurt like hell. I don't think I'd want any part of a stabbing in my upper chest. Then again, I'm a sissy, and probably would have left the bar at the sight of a 30-person fight. Maybe if Selwyn would adopt my philosophy, he might extend his life a year or two.

As for Williams, I'm sad for the guy because of all that's happened to him on the field...but breaking the law and putting others in danger is another issue. Hopefully, he's been studying because his football career is already in jeopardy because of injuries, and should be over (in my opinion) because of his problems outside of football.

Do you think Purdue will ever have another calendar year, with Tiller as coach, without incidents like this in the double-digits? I don't. I'm sick of this garbage.

Isn't this all getting old?

Here we go again...