Jeer, Jeer, For Old Notre Dame

The young lady pictured here plays for the Notre Dame ladies golf team. She's a senior, her name is Annie Brophy and since Brophy rhymes with "trophy," she must have felt entitled to one.

I don't know what went on in her blonde head, but Annie decided to lie about her score on the front nine this past weekend, saying she carded a 30 with five birdies and an eagle.

The news story is still hazy, in my opinion, but somehow people got wise to the fact that this seemed a bit off. Backbedaling furiously on the back nine, Brophy apparently lied again and claimed "quadruple-bogey/triple-bogey/bogey on Nos. 10-12."

Officials disqualified her for "unsportsmanlike conduct," and:

“She thought she was being funny,” said Cross, who believes the Irish senior was unaware of the impact her dishonesty had on the rest of the field and left the course embarrassed.

Maybe she was just being funky?

Seriously, though, I don't get how lying and cheating is funny. When I play my buddies on the weekend, I get pissed if someone seems to be bending the rules. I also find it hard to believe a senior in college who has presumably played golf for the majority of her life doesn't understand the impact dishonesty has on the game. Golf is one of those few games where your honesty is of paramount importance.

As my dad once said to me, if you cheat at golf, you cheat at life.

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