The Great American Pastime: Napping

I'm tongue in cheek in my tone most of the time when I make fun of baseball. I played it into high school and enjoy going to a game (as long as I like the people I'm with). But seriously, baseball apologists, what can you say about these stories?

While I've never been diagnosed with it, I'm positive I've got some level of Attention Deficit Disorder...and I'm OK with that. But the byproduct of my inability to focus makes baseball tough to watch. In fact, in the desert times of the summer months, I'll sometimes doze to an MLB game. But, sleeping on the job doesn't have a place in any self-respecting institution...let alone an athletic endeavor...right?

Guess not.
An extra innings contest was so slow for former Met great, Keith Hernandez, that he recently fell into a deep, commercial break sleep. Perhaps he deserves credit for not sleeping during the first nine?
And future Hall-of-Famer Ken Griffey, Jr. was so zonked between innings that he couldn't get himself to the hit. That's right, during a game, Griffey moseyed down to the clubhouse...probably to grab some Geritol...and couldn't resist the quiet calm of an empty locker he got a lil' shuteye.

When was the last time someone outside the Raiders organization fell asleep in a football locker room during a game? How often have you heard of a young-ish play-by-play announcer dozing off...even for an NBA regular season basketball game?

Really it's not their's the game's. The season's too long, the games are too long.
Go Yankees.

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