That's more like it...

Purdue checked into the coaches poll at 23. Well, it's funny, because on one hand, Wisconsin loses to Purdue AT HOME, and it's handled like "hey, this is a good Purdue team"..."so we'll drop you 6 to #14"...and on the other hand, Purdue beats one of the best home teams in America...a top- 10 at the time, and moves up four. Huh. That result, to me, would say Purdue stole one. Clearly the score doesn't indicate to the coaches just how well Purdue played. Oh well, like we always say, win and it all works itself out.

While I do prefer the buzz being quiet as long as it can, this leaves little wiggle room in the case of the loss that will most definitely come in the next few weeks.

The AP should be out soon...look for Purdue to skyrocket all the way to number 22. Purdue is currently 38th in the RPI and 35th on the Sagarin.

Purdue is now 19th in the AP according to an article I just read...The ESPN & CBS polls have not yet been updated.

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