Weekly Power Rankings & The Cliz

Here's where I we the league right now:

1. an Ohio State University
They're showing vulnerability for the first time this season. Turns out, when you play teams that have size and defense, the season gets tougher. Their nearly-30 point margin per game is shrinking with each BT contest. That said, they're still undefeated. Here's to the Bucknuts being undefeated and number 1 when Matty's boys head to the discount arena on the 25th.

2. The Purdue University
Our Boilers have a rhythm offensively, a scary-good defense and two super stars who have been a bit quiet for a couple games. I don't think a ton of teams in America want to tangle with Matty's boys right now. The first big test of the season is tonight in the Barn. (Purdue's CCR is now 6th)

3. Penn State
Nice week for the Lions. Their loss to Purdue put DeChellis & Battle on a mission.

4. MSU
Sparty escaped doom v. Wisconsin. Two losses in a row, again, would have hurt the barely-ranked Spartans. Instead, this nail-biter might have righted the ship.

5. Illinois
If they're not shooting out of their mind, they're losing. I'm unimpressed with the effort given by Illinois game-in, game-out and their lack of toughness (outside of McCamey) seems to be a formula that puts them on a collision course with the middle of the pack.

6. Wisconsin
I'm still leery of playing Ryan's squad...never trust a wounded badger.

7. Minnesota
Tubby Smith surprised me this week by looking the other way after Mbakwe violated his parole virtually via Twitter. The Gophers are thin and I guess winning is more-important than discipline for a coach that I've always held in high regard.

8. Northwestern
The purple are the personification of how tough the league is this year. They score a ton of points, play solid zone defense and have multiple players that are deadly shooters...and they're eighth. A win by the 'Cats in East Lansing would rock the league and rocket them upward.

9. Michigan
The Wolverines got a huuuuuge moral victory last night. That's about the only type of victory they've been getting recently. I guess you take it how you can get it. Next up, the Wolverines get the Forehead- that's good for what ails ya!

10. Iowa
They're better than a winless team and will do some damage toward the end of the season...but it's too soon for the rebuilding Hawkeyes to be in the bright lights.

11. IU
Granted, the video that they've released reminds us of their greatness (24 years ago), so they've got that. And, their fans remind that they'll be pretty awesome in the future...But as for now, they stink.

The Cliz
I've been listening to Mark Montieth's conversations during the work day this week. First JJ gave me a look at what makes him tick (not too much surprised me in this conversation). But today, I listened to Larry Clisby talk about his past and his current situation. It kind of floored me.

Cliz's voice triggers happy feelings of the hay day of Gene Keady's time at Purdue and the deep valleys of the Akers Era for Boiler football. But, while always honest, Cliz sometimes leaves a bit to be desired when it comes to verbal description of what's happening on the court. I think now I really understand why. He bleeds with Purdue like I do. It hurts him as bad as it hurts the players when they lose...and I like that.

Just as IU has the unmistakable Don Fisher behind the mic, Purdue has Larry Clisby. I love the fact that he is a franchise in himself. I hope he gets to retire when he wants to from broadcasting our Boilers. If you're a Boiler you need to listen to his interview.

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